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We have a full line of video products and packages to fit every need. Prices start at just $250.00

M&L Video can memorialize your Celebrations:

Wedding Packages ~

Our Bronze Video Package includes:  

  • Eight hours of coverage using two Canon high definition broadcast cameras
  • Two video technicians
  • Pre-ceremny coverage
  • Ceremony coverage
  • Post-ceremony coverage
  • Reception coverage with interviews
  • One professionally edited copy of the ceremony
  • One professionally edited copy of the Highlight Video
  • Standard album cover
  • Basic credits including the names of your wedding party
Our Silver Video Package includes:

Everything in the Bronze Package plus:

  • Ten hours of coverage using two Canon high definition broadcast cameras
  • Two professionally edited copies of the ceremony
  • Three professionally edited copies of the Highlight Video
  • One High Definition copy of the Highlight Video
  • Animated growing-up photos
  • Deluxe personalized album cover
  • Deluxe wedding credits including the names of your wedding party. Wedding credits play over footage of the Bride & Groom dancing in slow motion

Additional services are available. You can even build your own custom package.
Call for details and pricing.

Our New You Film Video Package

We started offering our You Film Video Package in 2010 because a bride requested it. She loved the videos that M&L Video creates but she had lost her job. Although she knew this would be a short term setback, she also knew she wouldn’t be able to get another job in time for her wedding, so she asked a family member to film her wedding and M&L Video to create her video from the raw footage. Shortly after her call, another bride called with the same problem. We at M&L Video feel it is important to give back to our community for all of the support we have received over the years, that’s why we created this new package.

We have always been affordable, but until the economy gets better, we’re offering this new service to those who want the wedding video of their dreams but find they just can’t afford it. With our new You Film Video Package, M&L will provide coaching to your camera-bug friend or family member, that person will shoot your video, and then M&L will compile a video of your special day. So even if you have a limited budget, you can still enjoy a beautiful video just like money was never an issue.

Everyone has a family member or a friend who loves their video camera and would be thrilled film a wedding. Our new You Film Video Package allows your camera person to see their name in your wedding video credits while allowing you to have the wedding video of your dreams at a very affordable price. If you decide on this package, one of the M&L Video editors will coach your videographer and give them a list of shots and the length of time for each clip needed to compile your dream video. If you have two camera-bug friends, your video will be even better.

M&L Video will train whomever you select as your videographer for your wedding or special event at no charge. You can scan your own pictures and we will use those pictures along with music you own in your video at no additional charge. The options are almost limitless. Your videographer will just need to follow our directions on filming, you will need to give us about six or seven hours of raw footage and an outline of the day, and we will take it from there.

Once M&L Video has everything we need from you, we will start the editing process, which takes about 60 hours. You will be astonished by the quality of your video, but the most amazing thing will be the cost. The price of a You Film Video package starts at just $250.00, but can increase depending on how elaborate you want your video to be. We guarantee it will be glamorous, elegant, and beautifully done.

Hard times won’t last forever, and it would be a shame for you to miss out on having beautiful video to remember your special day. Pictures alone can never tell the story that a video does. It is so wonderful to be able to offer this high quality and affordable product. We are happy to be able to offer more people in our community the opportunity to look back at the love they shared with family and friends on their special day. With a video from M&L you’ll get to see them on one of the happiest days of your life, for the rest of your life.
(This package also works for those who want a video, but find that we are booked on the day of their event.)

Lifetime Montages ~

Slide Show Lifetime Montage:

We will create a video from your old pictures and home movies that you will cherish for years to come. This product can be great for anniversaries and milestone birthdays. Ask us about our digital conversion services and pricing.

Lifetime Video Montage for the passing of a loved one:

The passing of a loved one is such a sad time and very difficult to bear. We will use your loved one’s lifetime of pictures and videos to create a tasteful and memorable video that can be shown at the wake and serve as an enduring keepsake for your family. Ask us about our digital conversion services and pricing.

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