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Business & Insurance

M&L Video Productions can meet your business and insurance documentation needs:

Business Videos:

M&L Video can create in-house videos for your business. Any topic is possible, including fire safety, disaster drills, and how-to or training videos. Why buy a generic off-the-shelf product when you can create your own video that addresses your business’ unique needs? We can help make sure your personnel are safe and well-trained with information specific and pertinent to your facility and your company.

Insurance Videos:

We all have insurance to cover our losses in case of fire, flooding or other natural disasters. In case of a loss, good documentation of your belongings is essential and what better way to document your property than an insurance video? You should never leave your belongings to memory, because even cherished belongings can sometimes slip our minds when we are under stress, and insurance companies won’t pay for items we don’t remember.

Let M&L Video Productions create a catalogue of your property. M&L Video uses proven methods to document your belongings. The peace of mind you get from having this video will be well worth the investment.

*** $45.00 Dollars per hour Monday----Thursday ***

Disaster Videos:

You have your insurance video to prove your assets. Now unfortunately, disaster has struck, and you suddenly need proof of how much damage has been done to your property. Maybe you must go to court to show damages from another person’s neglect. M&L can produce a video as proof of the damages you have suffered from either disaster or neglect.

*** $45.00 Dollars per Hour 7 day per week ***


M&L Video Productions can tape legal depositions.

 *** $45.00 Dollars Per Hour ***


No one wants to think about this, but in the event that you need proof of someone's loyalty, integrity, or devotion, M&L Video Productions may be able to help. Just have law enforcement, your attorney, or your insurance company contact us, or you can contact M&L Video Productions yourself. We take this sort of work on a case-by-case basis and pricing will vary.

Video Resume:

M&L Video likes to stay up with current trends and one way we are doing that is with our new video resume service. Video resumes are high impact, and add that wow-factor that will get you noticed by potential employers. A video resume lets you control the flow of information and allows you to impress your potential employer with your personality and work ethic. When you create a video resume of your life skills, job qualifications, and work ethic, followed up by a call from you to your potential employer, you place yourself far ahead of the pack of job hunters. That’s a necessity in today’s economic climate!

Music Videos:

If the artist in you is screaming to come out, M&L Video can create a demo music video to showcase your talent for investors or music studio executives. Just bring your audio CD from the sound studio and let M&L Video create a video of your artistic vision to go with it. We will import your audio to the video, or M&L video can record your music for you (M&L Video Productions is a video company, not a sound studio, so you will get better results with audio produced in a sound studio).

You may choose to keep your demo as a final copy. You will have full creative freedom, and your final payment is not required until you are fully satisfied that M&L Video has captured your artistic vision. All video will be shot at the location you specify (there will be a fuel surcharge of .56 cents per mile and a location fee must be paid before taping begins).

As with all of the videos we create, we guarantee you will pay nothing for this video if it doesn’t live up to your professional standards. We make this promise because we are confident in our abilities and our track record as an outstanding video production service that understands and is committed to our community.

Call M&L Video at 989-551-4584 for more information or a consultation.

Discounts are available for non-profit organizations, schools, and theater groups.

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